1200 teams applied for the accelerating program contest, Hanwha Dream Plus, which select the 27 companies total.

Hanwha Dream Plus announced on the 21st that it has finally selected 27 companies and 40 people through the contest of the ‘Fintech/Lifestyle Startup and Creator Acceleration Program’ to run from June this year.

The contest recruited since March and received applications of 492 startup companies and 793 creator teams, recording a high competition rate.

The selected startups at the last stage will receive support for professional development programs such as business model review, legal/tax/accounting mentoring, networking, and office hours. There will be opportunities for business cooperation with other well-known companies in each field such as Hanwha affiliates, Korea University Medical Center, Bayer, Kyowon Group, E-Land, and YES24. In addition, the contest plans to hold a ‘demo day’ within this year to connect the selected startups with follow-up investment.

Creator teams will receive infrastructure support, special lectures by celebrity or YouTubers, brand/shopping mall launching, and close mentoring services from experts in each field.

In addition, there will be a session once a month to hear entrepreneurial and job searching experiences by inviting famous speakers from each field, such as a music critic Im Jin-mo, a celebrity Hong Seok-cheon, and a chef Lee Won-il.

Hanwha Dream Plus said, “Through this program, we will strengthen open innovation opportunities by considering not only Hanwha affiliates, but also business linkages with specialized partners and selected companies.” We plan to keep our door open at all times to foster and discover any company that is eager to act on business cooperation and overseas expansion.

The 27 startups that were finally selected are as follows.

[Fintech field]

▲Hatch Labs (Blockchain Service Development Solution) ▲Tencube (Payment Data Analysis for Household Rehabilitation) ▲Habit Factory (B2B/B2C Insurance Analysis Platform) ▲Emolize (Crossboard Payment Platform) ▲GBike (Shared Personal Mobility Platform) ▲Data Universe (Smart Phishing Protection Service)

[Life style field]

▲One Drop (Smartphone Blood Test Kit) ▲Deep Medi (Smartphone Blood Test App) ▲Finger & (Diabetes Management Chatbot) ▲Run Lab (Blood Test Physiological Cup) ▲Pet Healthcare Solution ▲Welt (Smart Belt) ▲Petner (Professional Veterinarian/Metal College PetSitting) ▲Commercial Learning TechnologyS (text video switching platform) ▲ Impact (AR-based walking navigation) ▲ Real guys (employment English learning platform).