About Us

Join us in creating a better world to live with pets.

The first and only
biometric ID for 
dogs & cats

Petnow is a pet technology company based in Korea, founded in 2018. Our mission began with a simple question:

“What can we do to protect pets as forever family?”

We have been committed to creating a world without lost pets by using AI-driven pet identification. Because technology is what we do best.

We developed biometric pet ID that utilizes a unique pattern of a dog’s nose, known as ‘nose print’, and a cat’s face as biometric information. This non-invasive approach to identification provides a secure and permanent solution, unlike detachable tags or collars. It protects pets beforehand in a more proactive and community-based way.

Join us in creating a better world for your forever family, and get an extra layer of love and care with Petnow.

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