Cat Recognition Service

A new way to build a strong bond with pets

Try Capturing
Cat’s Face

The world’s first
Creating Cat’s Profile
Register your cat’s face using
Petnow’s AI biometric recognition technology
*Beta version expected to be released in December of this year

Petnow Inc. is a startup accelerated by Samsung Electronics' C-Lab Outside and POSCO IMP.

How Does Cat’s Face
Work as Biometrics?

Cats are self-groomers that know how to keep themselves looking gorgeous.
This habit helps maintain their facial contour, allowing their face to be used as biometrics.

1. There does not yet exist any official way for cats to get microchipped (registered).

2. Just by using the Petnow app, you can register your furry companion and access their information anytime.

3. If your cats ever get lost, the app can also help find the owner.

What Can Be Done Using
Facial Recognition of Your Cat?

without visiting vets

Simple registration
for cats

Can easily register at home
without the need for a microchip
implant surgery or hospital fees

without tags or chips

Finding cats using
face verification

You can find a cat through
your smartphone.

for pet insurance and check-in

Creating a pet profile

Insurance and pet check-in
if the cat has insurance / check-in
through face recognition

Features for accurate data collection

Face Core Acquisition Process

Below is a diagram of how our AI technology is used in the Petnow app
to acquire high quality images of cats’ face core.

Precise results followed by swift comparison of data

Facial Recognition Process

Once a facial recognition is registered, the associated owner can be matched
by comparing the photographed data of the facial recognition with the database of Petnow.
Register your pets
with the Petnow app

Get an extra layer of protection
for them as a lifetime companion.

* Beta version of cat expected to be released in December of this year