Cat Recognition Service v4

An extra layer of love&care,
AI-driven pet ID for cats
The world’s first

Create Cat’s ID

Register your cat’s face using Petnow’s AI biometric recognition technology.

Petnow Inc. is accelerated by Samsung C-Lab Outside and POSCO IMP.

How Does Cat’s Face
Work as Biometrics?

Cats are self-groomers that know how to keep themselves looking gorgeous.
This habit helps maintain their facial contour, allowing their face to be used as biometrics.

1. There is no official way for cats to get microchipped or registered.

2. Just by using the Petnow app, you can register your cat and access its information anytime.

3. If cats ever get lost, the app can help find the owner.

What Can Be Done Using
Facial Recognition of Your Cat?

Register cats effortlessly without visiting vets.

You can easily register at home
without microchip injection or hospital fees.

Find cats by face core without tags or chips.

You can find cats by verifying their
face core on our mobile app.

Create a pet ID for pet insurance and check-in.

You can use a pet ID for checking your cat's insurance status and offline QR code pass.

Register your beloved cat with the Petnow app.

Get an extra layer of love & care
for your forever family.
* Available on iOS 14 or later, iPhone XS or newer
Android 12 or later, Galaxy S10 or newer (including limited models of A series).

Features for accurate data collection

Face Core Acquisition Process

Below is a diagram of how our AI technology is used in the Petnow app
to acquire high quality images of cats’ face core.

Precise results followed by swift comparison of data

Facial Recognition Process

Once a facial recognition is registered, the associated owner can be matched
by comparing the scanned face core with the database of Petnow.