Dog Recognition Service

A new way to build a strong bond with pets

Try Capturing
Dog’s Nose Print

With Petnow app

Creating Dog’s Profile

Register your dog’s nose print using Petnow’s AI biometric recognition technology

Petnow Inc. is a startup accelerated by Samsung Electronics' C-Lab Outside and POSCO IMP.

How Do Dogs’ Nose Prints
Work as Biometrics?

Each nose print of a dog is unique as that of a human’s fingerprint.
Remaining unchanged over time, it can be used for distinguishing individual dogs.

1. Nose prints can assist owners to find their dogs when lost.

2. It is worry-free of internal or external chips being damaged or lost.

3. The Petnow app is all you need to register and verify nose prints.

What Can Be Done Using
Nose Print of Your Dogs?

without visiting vets

Simple registration
for dogs

Can easily register at home
without the need for a microchip
implant surgery or hospital fees

without tags or chips

Finding dogs using
nose prints verification

You can find a dog through
your smartphone.

for pet insurance and check-in

Creating a pet profile

Insurance and pet check-in
if the dog has insurance / check-in
through nose print searching

Features for accurate data collection

Nose Print Acquisition Process

Below is a diagram of how our AI technology is used in the Petnow app
to acquire high quality images of dogs’ nose prints.

Precise results followed by swift comparison of data

Nose Print Recognition Process

Once a nose print is registered, the associated owner can be matched
by comparing the photographed data of the nose print with the database of Petnow.

Register your pets
with the Petnow app

Get an extra layer of protection
for them as a lifetime companion.