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What is a print?

The print consists of a dog’s nose wrinkles and has the same role as human prints. Like how all human’s prints are different, so are dog prints.

What is a pet biometric recognition?

Pet biometric recognition, Using unique prints to identify individual dogs (pet). Just like human print recognition and facial recognition, dogs can use their nose for biometric recognitions.

What is an animal registration system?

An animal registration system is a number provided to a pet that is registered. The MAFRA uses the registration system using an internal chip and external id tag to identify pets. But this method has side effects such as surgery or destruction of the chip and is showing its drawbacks. So we are proposing print recognitionto solve this problem.

What is the relationship between the animal registration system and print registration?

We are trying to solve the existing problems of the animal registration systems with print registration.

How does print recognition work?

Print recognition is greatly divided into acquisition technology and recognition technology, and uses these 2 AI functions to rapidly track the nose. It automatically focuses on thecenter of the detected nose. It take 5-20 pictures automatically and takeshigh-quality pictures and send it to the server to recognize the print.

Is print recognition accurate?
It currently boasts 98.97% accuracy, and is predicted to have a high level of accuracy through neural networking
Why should we do print registration?

Print registration allows you to take responsibility of the dog’s (pet’s) life. It is effective in finding lost pets and in the long run preventing abandoned pets. It inspires a sense of responsibility to be a family It inspires a sense of responsibility to be a family

ow can you find lost pets through print registration?

If you lost your pet you can report it missing through the app. When someone finds your pet and allows us to know through the app PETNOW can help you retrieve your pet.

How long after my pet is born do I register?

After 6 months from birth is when accurate prints appear. Just like humans pet’ prints grow along with them and change as they get older. If you register before 6 months it is recommended to register frequently for accurate measures.

You said the more registrations the higher the recognition rate, why?

Since print registrationis learned by AI, the accuracy improves as more data is collected. The more pets print their nose, the closer we get to a no more lost pet world.

My pet keeps moving during the picture process so it does not register well.

After going on a long walk take a picture outside and it will go well. Or take it when your pet is sleepy. Even if they are sleeping, as long as the nose is visible registration is possible.

If we can’t register prints, can I not be a member?
If print registration is difficult, you can put your personal information in first to be a member. You can register your pet’s name and a picture first to make a pet profile.