Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about the service of Petnow.

Here are a few of the questions we get most.
What is a nose print of a dog?
Nose prints of dogs are consisted of wrinkles on them and work like fingerprints of human’s fingerprints.
How does biometrics work for dogs?
Unique nose prints are used to identify individual dogs. Dogs can use their nose for biometrics like using fingerprints and facial recognition for human.
What is animal registration?
An identification number is granted to a pet in an animal registration system. It is regulated by government in certain countries, but we would like to propose an alternative way of nose print registration, as the traditional system has been limited by drawbacks of concerns about microchip implant bringing side effects and issues with losses of microchips.
How does nose print registration relate to animal registration?
The nose print registration of Petnow works independently from existing animal registration system. You may register in both ways.
How are nose prints recognized in Petnow app?
Nose print recognition in Petnow app is composed of acquisition and recognition technology. Artificial intelligence is used to detect and follow a dog’s nose to focus. 5-20 photos are taken automatically, and images that are analyzed to be high-quality are transmitted to server for recognition.
How accurate is the nose print recognition of Petnow?
According to the internal research, our system is showing up to 99% accuracy, and expected to be more accurate as neural network advances with more data.
What is benefit of nose print registration?
The nose print registration gives you a sense of responsibility. Just in case your dog is missing, the registered nose may help you finding the dog. It may reduce abandoned dogs over time when nose print is socially settled.
How lost dogs can be returned to original owners using nose print registration?
In case a dog with nose registration on our system is missing, you may report the dog as lost in Petnow app. You will be notified when the lost dog’s nose is inquired.
Is there a suitable age of dogs for nose print registration?
It is advised to register dogs that are at least 6 months old, as size of dogs’ noses grow at their early life stage.
Is there a reason why recognition can be improved with more dog noses registered?
Higher accuracy is achieved through more data is collected for the artificial intelligence behind Petnow app to study.
Nose print registration in the app does not seem progressing. Is it because the dog keeps moving?
Please try continuing nose print registration at a bright place. Our suggestions are: 1) When your dog is sleeping by a window with sunlight. 2) When your dog is out on daytime.
Does the service become unusable when a dog nose is not registered?
If you find the nose print registration difficult, you may register a profile in advance.