How to Use

Tips for using the Petnow app

Photographing Good
Images of Your Pets
for Registration

Please make sure to check
the pet's face as follows.

  • No part is hidden by hairs
  • No sand or dirt is covering the face
  • Nose is not shining or under a direct light source

Check the
ambient lights.

  • Photographing experience will be degraded when it is too dark or too bright.
  • Direct lights may create shades that make recognition difficult.

Move your smartphone
slowly when photographing

  • When the face or nose of a pet is too far or too close, the phone has to be moved slowly.
  • Making rapid changes in environments will delay the recognition process.

Do not rotate horizontally
and hold your phone vertically.

  • Only vertical orientation is supported currently.
  • Support for horizontal orientation is a work in progress. We will notify when the app is updated.

Photograph your
pet's face at the very front.

  • Place your pet's face as big as possible while keeping at the distance of 4-8'' or 10-20cm.
  • The face of a pet photographing should not look sideways.

Register your pets
with the Petnow app

Get an extra layer of protection
for them as a lifetime companion.