Pet ID Usage

Identification & Verification

How To Use
Pet ID

Taking a better responsibility

Pet ID is a reminder of your commitment
as a lifetime companion to your pet.

Linking your personal information to your pet's unique biometric data can show your responsibility and action for animal rights.

Identification for dogs and cats

The reason behind
expensive pet insurance

Due to the lack of properly identifying cats and dogs, insurance companies have been keeping pet insurance at a high cost with very limited coverage. AI-driven pet identification developed by Petnow can assist not only insurance, but also pet related services, namely hotels, clinics, or training programs.

Through more pet registration on our app

Petnow aims at a world
without lost or abandoned pets.

The artificial intelligence behind Petnow develops as more pet biometric data is collected, and higher chances of reuniting with lost pets can be expected.

Register your beloved pet with the Petnow app.

Get an extra layer of love & care
for your forever family.

* Available on iOS 14 or later, iPhone XS or newer
Android 12 or later, Galaxy S10 or newer (including limited models of A series).