Asia Journal Kayla Hong 2021.12.02 21:38

Track Your Lost Dogs with Their Nose Prints: Petnow INC.

Dogs are bright and curious creatures which like to roam and explore the world. They are also so quick that they disappear in a flash if pet parents become distracted and lose track of their kids. One in three pets will become lost at some point in their life, as the American Humane Association estimates that ten million pets are reported lost or stolen in the U.S. every year. 

Pet owners will often turn to conventional methods of searching for their stray pets; from flyposting, searching and getting help through social media, and microchipping. Offering unique and permanent identification by implanting a microchip underneath a pet’s skin was considered as the most cutting-edge and reliable technology that increases the likelihood of a pet returning home. Unfortunately, a passive microchip is not the same thing as a GPS, and its frequency and database for identifying pets have been fragmented in the U.S. A dedicated device is required to scan a microchip inside a pet, and some owners mind that the insertion may be painful for their pets.

In the pursuit of a reliable identification method for doggies, an AI startup named Petnow Inc. has introduced a cleverly designed app that uses a dog’s unique nose print to help identify and reunite lost dogs with their beloved humans. Similar to human fingerprints, dog nose prints can be used for biometrics as they are unique to each canine and remain unchanged over time. The mobile app, ‘Petnow’, makes it easier and more accessible to register an inscription at home without a chip implant surgery or hospital fees. Although the app is not tracking the location of registered puppies, users can bring a great saving of time and cost without sacrificing chances to reunite lost dogs with owners.

With the help of AI-driven pattern recognition and image processing technologies, the mobile app leverages the unique features of nose prints for dog identification. Its nose print recognition technology can auto-focus the canine snout and capture the high-quality clear image. And its own algorithms classify a dog’s nose print and confirm dog identity by comparing the similarities between nose print characteristics. This nose print verification method also leaves no worry of chips being damaged or lost in the pet’s body and is less invasive than other approaches to dog identification such as DNA tests and microchip implants. The ‘Petnow’ app will be available for Apple and Android devices in the first-quarter of 2022.

Giving your pet identification which can go through the computing process conveys quite a significant meaning to the pet industry. You can create a pet profile for registering pet insurance or checking-in through print searching. While the trend for pet insurance has spiked in the past several years, the absence of standardized codes for pets has remained as a setback. In that sense, the dog nose print verification technology can boost the implementation of a standardized framework of pet identification.

Petnow Inc. is pouring its efforts into further development including sophistication with more data and another development of identification algorithms for cats. Its technology is actually proven by the industry, as the mobile app is selected as the Best of Innovation in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, which is the most influential technology event in the world. While preparing for the exhibition, the company is also pursuing partnerships with diverse stakeholders; from government agencies, insurance corporations, pet-tech companies, to animal shelters. Petnow Inc. seems to be at the corner of a springboard for business expansion.

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